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Setting an Appointment

Setting an appointment with your contacts is easy using Aloware SMS, which ensures that contacts won't miss your scheduled appointments.

With Aloware SMS, you can

  • Manually trigger SMS reminders

  • Update default SMS reminder texts

  • Select the Line you want to use for sending the reminder

  • Pre-check the SMS reminder option

How to Set an Appointment through SMS Reminder

  • In your Aloware account, go to the Contacts tab.

  • Select or search for the contact you want to have an appointment to

  • Click the "Appt"/ Appointment icon and set your appointment details

    • Date, Time, and Duration - the user's device is followed in the scheduled appointment.

      For example contact (lead) is in PDT, Aloware will set the date and time for the user (agent) based on his timezone to avoid confusion and timezone conversion.

    • Timezone - Assign the timezone based on your contact's

    • Notes

    • SMS Reminder - Enable this button to allow sending of SMS reminder

    • Send from - Set the Line you are using to send the appointment

    • Time - Set the time of your appointment

    • Send (n) days before - Set the number of days to remind the contact before the scheduled appointment.

    • Template variables - Set the template that will be sent to your contact

  • Save Event

    Screenshot of an Appointment reminder:

  • Click the "Send SMS reminder now" button to send the message to the contact, or you can send the SMS reminder during a call.

    Screenshot of a message based on your template variable sent to contact:

How to Set an Appointment through Calendar

Aloware Calendar integrates the setting of time and date to your scheduled appointments or to assign reminders.

Screenshot of an appointment scheduled in Calendar:

To do this,

  • In your Aloware account, go to the Calendar menu

  • Click the date that you want to set an appointment, and an Add an Event wizard will display and select between

    • Reminder

    • Appointment

  • Fill in the necessary details for Reminder, and assign the contact, or

  • Fill in the Appointment details and save the Event

📝 Note - Appointment reminders received through email can also be added to Google Calendar

To do this,

  • In your email account, check the email notification sent by Aloware Support.

  • Click the Add to Calendar, and a new tab will appear - Google Calendar

  • Save the details

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