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Connect Aloware and PipeDrive

Connecting Aloware and PipeDrive provides a secure and automated way to manage contacts' information, users, and leads on both platforms.

Screenshot of Aloware App Panel in Pipedrive:

Below, learn how to set up your Aloware and PipeDrive integration.

Integration Prerequisites

  • Only Admins can integrate Aloware and PipeDrive.

  • Admins should use the same email for Pipedrive and Aloware accounts.

Authenticate Pipedrive Account

  • In your Aloware Admin account, go to the Integrations tab

  • Search for the PipeDrive card, then click Settings

  • In Aloware's PipeDrive settings, enable the Integration status button, then click "Authenticate."

  • You will be redirected to the PipeDrive login portal to enter your credentials.

  • Read through what to expect in the integration

  • Click the Allow and Install button


  • Check Connection

    To know if you successfully integrated your Aloware and Pipedrive accounts,

    • Go to Integration Settings, click the Check Connection button

    • Your Connection Status should display Connected


If the Pipedrive Integration is already authenticated, but the features aren't showing or functioning yet, you might need to "Re-Authenticate" Pipedrive again in the Pipedrive integration settings.

The process after clicking the "Re-Authenticate" is the same as after clicking the "Authenticate" button.

After authenticating your Aloware and PipeDrive accounts, you should now configure your integration settings.

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