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How to Integrate Guesty with Aloware: A Quick Start Guide
How to Integrate Guesty with Aloware: A Quick Start Guide

Aloware's Guesty integration offers seamless integration between platforms. This article is about Authenticating Aloware and Guesty.

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Aloware and Guesty Integration

Aloware and Guesty integration offers a seamless connection between the two (2) platforms' clients that helps to manage contact datasets and communication activities.

🗒️ Note - To have a conversation with a guest, he/she should make a reservation or list first.

Integration Prerequisites

  • Only Admins can activate Aloware's Guesty integration.

Authenticating Guesty with Aloware

  • In your Aloware account, go to the Integrations menu.

  • Select the Guesty card, and click the Settings button.

  • In the Guesty Integration Settings page, provide the API token (required) that you can find in your Guesty account.

    • To get the API key, click "here", to open a new window to log in to your Guesty account.

    • In your Guesty account, navigate to the Integrations menu > select API.

    • Click Marketplace > select Aloware

    • Click the copy icon to copy your API key (sensitive case keys).

    • Paste your API Key in the box, click the Save button.


The Integration Status in green displays that the authentication is successful.

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