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Connect Aloware and Mailgun

Integrating Mailgun with Aloware allows users to send emails to their contacts in Aloware. Communication history syncs in both platforms.

Integration Prerequisite

  • Only admins can integrate Aloware and Mailgun.

  • Mailgun and Aloware accounts

Authenticating Mailgun with Aloware

  • In your Aloware account, navigate to Integrations

  • Go to Mailgun card, and click Settings

  • Enable the Integration settings

  • Aloware requires Mailgun's API key, which you can find in your Mailgun account.

  • Copy the Private API Key in the API Key field, and click the Test button

  • Provide other details needed, and click Save

    • Mailgun Domain - this is the domain you will use to send email using the Mailgun account.

    • Sender Address - the sender email address that Aloware should send emails from it.

    • Sender Name - the sender name that Aloware should send emails from it.


Send an email to test Aloware and Mailgun integration.

  • In your Aloware account, navigate to the Contacts page

  • Select a contact with an email

  • Click the email icon, and send a test email

  • Admin will receive the email test using the details you have set in the settings.

  • Email history should also display in your Mailgun account.

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