Why are some of my calls flagged as Spam even though I've met all compliance requirements from Aloware?

By filling out the Spam Prevention Registration form (STIR/SHAKEN), Aloware can protect your company's numbers against the FTC or major carriers blocking or marking your calls as spam. However, there are many private companies that use their own algorithms to determine which calls to block or mark as spam. Consumers may use these third-party apps on their phones.

  • Aloware is unable to change the results of these third-party spam filtering algorithms like Nomorobo, Truespam, etc. We suggest you contact them directly if you're seeking an appeal.

I've registered for my Caller ID (CNAM); why am I still seeing calls reported as 'Spam' or 'Spam Likely'?

Caller ID (CNAM) may not appear on all phone types for the following reasons:

  • Some mobile users must enable Caller ID in their User Preferences / Settings to see a Caller ID (We’ve seen this occur for both iPhones & Android users).

  • Carriers sync with the national CNAM databases at different cadences, which means registering a Caller ID (CNAM) for a line can take a while to propagate.

  • No guarantee that mobile users in Canada or Puerto Rico will see your Caller ID

Why is my caller ID only displaying a phone number and not my company's name?

See the answer immediately above.

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