Frequently Asked Questions: Caller ID (CNAM)

Stop the FTC or major carriers from blocking your calls with STIR/SHAKEN. This article contains Frequently Asked Questions about Caller ID.

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Welcome to Caller ID (CNAM) FAQs!

In this section, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions about Caller ID (CNAM) in Aloware. Caller ID plays a crucial role in displaying relevant information to recipients when making calls. Understanding how to manage and optimize Caller ID settings can greatly enhance your communication experience and maintain compliance with regulations.

We provide answers to key inquiries regarding Caller ID submission, format requirements, relevance, display time, carrier compatibility, and more.

Explore the FAQs below to gain insights into effectively utilizing Caller ID features in Aloware.

Can I submit Caller ID (CNAM) multiple times for a line in Aloware?

No, currently, you can only submit the Caller ID (CNAM) once per line in Aloware. Make sure to provide the desired Caller ID accurately during the submission.

What are the requirements for the Caller ID (CNAM) format?

The Caller ID (CNAM) should begin with a letter and can only contain letters, numbers, periods, commas, and spaces. Special characters or symbols are not allowed.

What is the restriction regarding the relevance of the Caller ID (CNAM)?

The Caller ID (CNAM) must be relevant to your business and represent your business name. Impersonation or using misleading Caller IDs is strictly prohibited.

How long does it take for the Caller ID (CNAM) to appear?

The Caller ID (CNAM) may take up to 48 hours to appear on recipients' phones. The actual time for display can vary depending on carriers and network factors.

Will all carriers display the Caller ID (CNAM)?

While efforts are made to display the Caller ID (CNAM) across carriers, there may be cases where some carriers do not show the Caller ID information.

What should I do if I cannot see the Caller ID (CNAM) for mobile numbers?

Some mobile numbers may require the recipient to turn on a specific setting or subscribe to a service to view Caller IDs. Ensure that the recipients have the necessary settings in place to see the Caller ID.

Can I use the Caller ID (CNAM) feature for Canada or Puerto Rico numbers?

Aloware does not guarantee that the Caller ID (CNAM) feature will work consistently for numbers in Canada or Puerto Rico. Availability and functionality may vary for these regions.

Why are some of my calls flagged as Spam even though I've met all compliance requirements from Aloware?

While Aloware takes measures to protect your company's numbers against FTC or major carrier blocking or marking as spam through the Spam Prevention Registration form (STIR/SHAKEN), third-party companies use their own algorithms to determine spam calls. These companies have their own criteria, and consumers may utilize third-party apps for spam filtering. Unfortunately, Aloware cannot modify the results of these third-party spam filtering algorithms. If you have concerns or wish to appeal, we recommend contacting the respective third-party company directly.

I've registered for my Caller ID (CNAM); why am I still seeing calls reported as 'Spam' or 'Spam Likely'?

The appearance of Caller ID (CNAM) may vary across different phone types due to several factors. Here are the reasons why you might still see calls reported as 'Spam' or 'Spam Likely':

  1. Some mobile users need to enable Caller ID in their User Preferences/Settings to view the Caller ID. This applies to both iPhone and Android users.

  2. Carriers synchronize with the national CNAM databases at different intervals, which means it can take some time for a registered Caller ID (CNAM) to propagate across all carrier networks.

  3. It's important to note that there is no guarantee that mobile users in Canada or Puerto Rico will see your Caller ID, as functionality and availability may vary for these regions.

    Please ensure that Caller ID settings are enabled on the recipient's phone and allow sufficient time for Caller ID propagation across carrier networks to increase the visibility and recognition of your Caller ID information.

Why is my caller ID only displaying a phone number and not my company's name?

See the answer immediately above.

Will all carriers display the Caller ID?

Not all carriers may display the Caller ID. This capability depends on individual policies and technologies.

Do mobile users need to adjust settings to see Caller IDs?

Yes, some mobile users may need to either adjust their settings or subscribe to a specific service to see Caller IDs.

How long does CNAM propagation usually take?

CNAM propagation to mainstream carriers can take between 30-45 days, or even months, depending on how frequently carriers update their databases.

Is CNAM always enabled for landlines?

Yes, CNAM is always enabled by default for landlines.

Do mobile users in the US need to subscribe for CNAM display?

Yes, some mobile users in the US may need to subscribe with their carrier for CNAM to be displayed on their phones.

How can recipients enable the CNAM feature?

Recipients can enable the CNAM feature on their phones by subscribing or opting in with their receiving carriers. Please note, some carriers may charge a fee for this feature.

What could cause an issue with the display name?

The display name might not appear if the recipient has not enabled the CNAM feature on their phone. In this case, they would need to contact their carrier to enable the CNAM feature. Additionally, some carriers might have outdated CNAM information, leading to inaccuracies.

How can the accuracy of CNAM display be ensured?

For accurate CNAM display, the recipient's carrier must query the CNAM databases (LIDB) and update their records regularly. If a carrier has not recently performed a query, it could cause the recipient to see outdated CNAM information.

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