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Aloware sending scheduled messages feature ensures that messages are forwarded to contacts at the right time. It allows the user to manage and delete the scheduled messages on the Contact Profile page.

How to Send Scheduled Messages

  • In your Aloware account, go to the Contact tab in the sidebar

  • Select a contact, and type a message

  • Click the drop-down in the Send button, and click Schedule Send

    • Date - pick a future date to send the message

    • Time - set the time to send the message

  • Click Schedule Message

  • The scheduled message is saved in the Schedule Message section

How to Delete the Scheduled Message

  • Click the three-menu button in the Scheduled Message section

  • Click the delete icon and confirm deletion


If you want to know if your message has been saved:

  • In the contact's profile, go to the Scheduled Message section

  • Click the three-button menu, and the scheduled messages will display

If the message has been successfully forwarded to the contact:

  • Your scheduled message should appear in the communication box as Scheduled Message sent

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