General Settings for Lines in Aloware Admin

Your Aloware Contact Center receives customer calls and text messages through lines. This article talks about Lines General Settings.

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Lines General Settings Overview

As an admin, you can configure and manage your business line settings in Aloware.

Lines are the core of your Contact Center: phone numbers that receive calls and text messages from your customers. Your lines are essentially your company numbers that take calls and feed them into your Ring Groups for answering. This is a key concept when using Aloware.


  • Only Admin can configure and manage your line settings.

General Settings

The Line General Settings allows the admin to modify line descriptions and information, add phone numbers to lines, pause, and unrent business lines.

To begin with,

  • In your Aloware account, navigate to the Lines tab.

  • If you have multiple lines available, you may search for the Line that you want to configure.

  • Under the Operations column, click the Settings button.

  • In the General settings tab, you can edit the following details:

    • Name - provide your line with a relevant name that is easily understood by your team; this will also be used in all graphs and reports.

    • Type - by default is set to Standard.

    • Description - an optional field to provide details that tell its purpose.

    • Send long text messages as SMS

      • The system will automatically send messages that exceed 160 characters as an MMS instead of dividing them into multiple SMS segments.

        You can enable this feature in Account Settings that applies to.

    • Phone Numbers

      • these are the phone numbers that your customers call or send messages to.

        • Phone Number - displays all phone numbers available in the line.

        • Type - provides the type of number managed by your account.

        • Location - displays the city or state your phone number is set (as local presence).

        • Compliance Met - displays the compliance status for this number.

        • Line Capabilities - displays the communication type (call, send SMS, fax) your line is intended to.

        • Search - this allows users to search for phone numbers, locations, and area codes. This feature is necessary to quickly find out a particular phone number in a line, especially if the line is a local presence line.

        • Operations

          • the buttons under the operations column allow admins to do the actions among themselves or through impersonation:

            • Default Caller Mask - this button only appears when you have multiple phone numbers in a line. Clients can only see the default phone number you set as the caller mask and not the actual phone number.

            • Transfer - Move the phone number to another line dialog that asks for a line name (dropdown with filter + validation) and transfers the phone number between lines. Read more about transferring phone numbers.

            • Do Not Use - set phone number to do not use

            • Unrent - unrent phone number; this disables the phone number and will not be included in your billing. Read about Aloware Billing to know more.

        • Add Number to Line

          • It allows admin to add multiple phone numbers to a line. Read this guide, Adding Phone Numbers to Aloware Line, to know more.

  • Click the Save button to save your settings.

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