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Aloware's Power Dialer saves users' time from the tedious process of manually adding contacts making them more focused, efficient, and productive because

  • it optimizes the user's call process by automatically calling the contacts one by one from a created call list

  • user can skip contacts whose timezones are beyond the usual business hours

  • user can filter the contacts based on tags or engagements

Power Dialer

The power dialer allows users to call a list of contacts one by one which guarantees that no contacts are missed. Users who call using power dialers will always be present the moment a customer answers their phone call.

So, how does Power Dialer works?

Power Dialer works when it reaches a contact that is busy, unattended, or disconnected, then it will automatically call the next phone number on the contact list. It is recommended to be used for businesses with a large number of leads or contacts to call in a day.

How to Make a Call using Power Dialer in Aloware Talk

As a user, you can make a call using Power Dialer by

How to Add Contacts to Power Dialer

You can add contacts in Power Dialer in two (2) ways:

  • Direct Contact Selection - selecting contacts to call and put on the queue without creating a list

  • Call from a List - selecting contacts to make a list, then make a call

Direct from Contact Selection

To do this,

  • Navigate to the Power Dialer tab in the left sidebar

  • Click the Add Contacts button, and select from the following options:

    • Select Contacts - If you want to add from the existing contacts, or use the search function to select contacts

      • Check the box of your selected contacts

        • Enabling the My Contacts button will display the contacts which you created or owned

    • Create Contact - This allows the user to create a contact and add it to the queue.

      • 📝Note - Contacts will also be added to the Contacts menu

Call from a List

You can also add contacts in the Power Dialer from your List.

To do this,

  • Click the Power Dialer menu on the left sidebar

  • In the Power Dialer Lists section, click the + sign to add a folder or list

    • Folder - displays a collection of My Lists

    • Lists

      • Create from Existing Contact List - allows users to select contacts from the available lists

        • Your list should display under the Power Dialer Lists section

      • Create by Manually Selecting Contacts - allows users to create a list in Power Dialer

        • Select the Create by Manually Selecting Contacts, name your list

        • Click Create

        • Click Add Contacts button, and select from the list of contacts by ticking the box, or use the search box to add them

How to Start the Power Dialing Session

  • Click the Start Dialing button, once you are satisfied with the list of contacts you have selected

  • Session Settings will display to setup functions before your power dialing session

    • New

    • Personal Section

    • Company Section

    • Basics

      • Line - set the line to use for calling

      • Skip Outside Daytime Hours - it automatically skips contacts that are beyond the business hours. Read about Timezone

      • Warm-up Period - customize the time before the dialer makes the next call

      • Phone Script - this will display during the power dialing session

    • Customizations

      • Set Call Disposition Shortcuts - user can set call outcome statuses

      • Set Contact Disposition Shortcuts - user can define contact status

      • Set Session Metrics - define metrics that will measure the performance of the call

      • Set VM Drop Shortcuts - allow users to use voicemail

  • Click the Save button to save your settings, which will be displayed under the Personal Section

  • Click the Begin Dialing button to start your Power Dialing session

    Screenshot of a Power Dialing Session

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