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Aloware Power Dialer

Aloware Power Dialer saves users' time from the tedious process of manually adding contacts, making them more focused, efficient, and productive because

  • it optimizes the user's call process by automatically calling the contacts one by one from a created call list

  • user can skip contacts whose time zones are beyond the usual business hours

  • user can filter the contacts based on tags or engagements

What is Power Dialer?

The power dialer allows users to call a list of contacts one by one, which guarantees that no contacts are missed. Users who call using power dialers will always be present the moment a customer answers their phone call.

So, how does Power Dialer works?

Power Dialer calls the next phone number on the contact list automatically if it reaches a contact who is busy, unattended, or disconnected. Businesses with a lot of prospects or contacts to call each day are advised to use it.

How to Make a Call using Power Dialer in Aloware Talk

As a user, you can make a call using Power Dialer by

How to Add Contacts (Tasks) to Power Dialer

  • Navigate to Power Dialer

  • In the Power Dialer List section, click the + button

    powerdialer power dialer aloware talk
  • Select List > Create from the existing contact list

    powerdialer power dialer aloware talk
  • Select from the available list and click the Create button

    powerdialer power dialer aloware talk
  • In the Power Dialer Options, set the following settings:

    • Conversion Options

      • Turn multiple numbers into separate tasks - Any non-primary numbers of contact will be turned into separate tasks.

      • Prevent duplicate phone numbers - By default, all contacts with the same numbers will not be added again.

      • Add international numbers

    • Where do you want to add these tasks?

      • In queue - default

      • Scheduled - if you want to call these contacts at a later time

        powerdialer power dialer aloware talk
  • Click the OK button once done

  • The contacts in the list will display in the Power Dialer interface.

    powerdialer power dialer aloware talk

How to Start the Power Dialing Session

  • Click the Start Dialing button once you are satisfied with the list of contacts you have selected.

    powerdialer power dialer aloware talk
  • Session Settings will display to set up functions before your power-dialing session.

    • New

    • Personal Section

    • Company Section

      powerdialer power dialer aloware talk

    • Basics

      • Line - set the line to use for calling

      • Skip Outside Daytime Hours - it automatically skips contacts that are beyond business hours. Read about Timezone

      • Warm-up Period - customize the time before the dialer makes the next call

      • Phone Script - this will display during the power dialing session

    • Customizations

      • Set Call Disposition Shortcuts - user can set call outcome statuses

      • Set Contact Disposition Shortcuts - user can define contact status

      • Set Session Metrics - define metrics that will measure the performance of the call

      • Set VM Drop Shortcuts - allow users to use voicemail

        powerdialer power dialer aloware talk
  • Click the Save button to save your settings, which will be displayed under the Personal Section

    powerdialer power dialer aloware talk

  • Click the Begin Dialing button to start your Power Dialing session.

    powerdialer power dialer aloware talk

    Screenshot of a Power Dialing Session

    powerdialer power dialer aloware talk

Redialing in Power Dialer

You can click the redial button in the Power dialer. It skips the current call and places the contact at the bottom of the current list.

Note - A single contact can only be redialed once per session to avoid an infinite loop of redialing.

powerdialer power dialer aloware talk

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