Power Up Your Outbound Calls with Aloware Talk's Power Dialer

Ensure you reach all contacts with Aloware's Power Dialer. This article explains Power Dialer in Aloware Talk.

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Aloware Talk's Power Dialer

Aloware Power Dialer saves users' time from the tedious process of manually adding contacts, making them more focused, efficient, and productive because

  • it optimizes the user's call process by automatically calling the contacts one by one from a created call list

  • user can skip contacts whose time zones are beyond the usual business hours

  • user can filter the contacts based on tags or engagements

What is Power Dialer?

The power dialer allows users to call a list of contacts one by one, which guarantees that no contacts are missed. Users who call using power dialers will always be present the moment a customer answers their phone call.

So, how does Power Dialer works?

Power Dialer calls the next phone number on the contact list automatically if it reaches a contact who is busy, unattended, or disconnected. Businesses with a lot of prospects or contacts to call each day are advised to use it.

How to Make a Call using Power Dialer in Aloware Talk

As a user, you can make a call using Power Dialer by

Step 1: How to Add a Single Contact to Power Dialer

  • Via Add to Power Dialer button

    1. Log into your Aloware Talk Account.

    2. Navigate to the Contact page.

    3. Select the Contact you want to add to the Power Dialer.

    4. On the communication log, click Add to power dialer.

    5. Configure your task options on the Power Dialer Task Options window and click OK.

    6. The contact is added in the My Queue list.

  • Via Select Contacts & Add to List

    1. Log in to your Aloware Talk account.

    2. Navigate to Power Dialer > click Add Contacts and choose Select Contacts & Add to List.

    3. Under My Queue, select a contact you want to add and click Add Selected Contact.

    4. Configure your task options on the Power Dialer Task Options window and click OK.

    5. The contact is added to the queue.

🗒️ Note - Another way to add contacts in the Power Dialer is to add a List. Click here to learn more.

The Power Dialer Task Options

  • Conversion Options

    • Turn multiple numbers into separate tasks

      • This option allows you to convert multiple phone numbers associated with a contact into individual tasks. Each number becomes a separate task for efficient calling.

    • Prevent duplicate phone numbers

      • By default, this setting ensures that contacts with the same phone numbers are not added repeatedly to avoid redundancy in your call list.

    • Add international phone numbers

      • You can use this option to include international phone numbers in your contact tasks, expanding your reach beyond local calls.

  • Where do you want to add these tasks?

    • In queue (default option) - Select this option to add tasks to the call queue for immediate dialing.

    • Scheduled - Select this option if you wish to schedule these tasks for future contact, allowing you to plan your calling activities effectively.

To initiate your power dialing session, proceed to step 2 by reading this article here.

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