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Inbox Filters allow users to group a set of contacts based on their properties. The five channels of Inbox Filters include:

  • Calls and Recordings

  • Messages

  • @Mention

  • Voicemails

  • Call Recordings

Types of Inbox Filters

  • Personal Filters

    • Agents (and Admins) can define Personal Filters for themselves which may apply in

      • Calls and Recordings

      • Messages

      • @Mention

      • Voicemails

      • Call Recordings

  • Company Filters

    • Admins define Company-wide Filters for all Agents in Aloware Admin

How to Create a Filter

You can find the Filter function in different tabs in the Inbox menu and channels.

  • Create Inbox Filters

    • You can use the filter in every Inbox Status

    • In the Inbox tab, click on the filter icon and enter the contact information you want to find

    • Aloware will automatically list down all the contacts with the property you have entered

  • Create Inbox Filters in Channels: Calls, Messages, Voicemails, and Recordings

    You can create a Quick Access Filter for different communication channels available. Take note that the more details you set on your filter, the more it will give you specific results.

    The steps below apply to all the Inbox Channels in creating Filters. To set up the personal filter in Inbox Channels,

    • In the Communications menu, click the filter icon and a pop-up modal will display

    • Select from the following criteria to filter:

      • Quick Access - create a quick access filter based on

        • Time of Engagement - Select the date range

        • Lines - Select from the existing lines available in your group

        • Ring Groups - Filter specific ring groups

        • Attribution

          • Contact Owners - Select contact owners

      • Handling - filters based on the handling of

        • Direction - This will filter the contacts based on how you received the calls: All, Inbound, and Outbound

        • Answer Status - Select the status of calls that were Live, Answered, Unanswered, Muted, Abandoned, etc.

        • Talk Time - Select calls depending on their duration: greater than 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, etc.

        • Transfer Type - Filter on calls that are Cold Transferred, Warm Transferred, or Conference

        • Callback Status - Filter calls that are initiated or requested

      • Properties - filters based on Tags, and Call Disposition

        • Select the available Tags from the field

        • Click the Call Disposition field to filter calls that are Busy, Connected, Inbound, Left Live Message, etc.

        • You can also enable these options for further filter selections:

          • Show Only First Time Communications

          • Exclude Communications Sent from Sequences

          • Show Only Untagged Communications

      • Attribution - filters based on Line Phone Numbers, Sequences, and Contact Owners

  • If you are done selecting on the settings, click Save

  • A pop-modal will display and need to name your filter

    • The filter type is pre-selected to be Personal Filter since it is you who defined the filter properties

    • Once done, click Create button

Company Filters

Admin defines the filters which are considered as Company filters.

  • Click on the Inbox Channel e.g. Calls

  • Click on Filter

  • You can find Company Filters on the left side panel, under Company Filters Header

  • Click on one of the filters, e.g. Test Duplicate, press Esc, or click on empty space on your screen

  • The selected filter is applied as shown

  • Click on "x" in the applied Filter to delete the filter selection

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