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Transferring calls is the process of sending or redirecting an inbound call to other agents.

This typically happens when...

  • a contact reaches the wrong department or agent

  • the first agent is unable to answer his concerns and needs a more qualified agent to address his needs

  • contact needs to escalate the concerns to the admins

There are two (2) types of call transfers that contacts may encounter during a call:

  1. Warm Transfer involves an introduction to another agent before transferring the call, informing him about the contacts' details and needs.

  2. Cold Transfer occurs when the agent who answers the call transfers the contact directly to the appropriate department with no introduction.

How to Transfer an Active Call

  • Warm Transfer

    Here's how a warm transfer works between Agent A and Agent B:

    • When an agent receives and answers a call, the "+Add" button becomes available.

    • Click the "+Add" button and select between adding a user, a phone number, or a ring group.

      • Add a User - this option displays all available users (agents) in your line.

      • Add a phone number - agent needs to type the phone number in the field

      • Add a Ring Group - agent needs to select from the active Ring Groups to connect the call. A user who picks up first in the Ring Group will be introduced in the call.

        πŸ“ Note - Transferring to a Ring Group will respect the ring group's routing setting

    • Once you have selected an option to add an agent to the call, click the "Introduce" button.

      πŸ“ Note - Clicking the "+Add" button will make a cold transfer, which means it will directly transfer the call to another user without the introduction

    • The contact will be put on hold and hear music while waiting to be attended while Agent A introduces the call or provides information to Agent B, who will attend to the call.

    • Click the "merge" icon to join Agent B in the call.

    • Agent A can leave the call by clicking the disconnect button. The line stays connected with Agent B and the contact.

      πŸ“ Note - Clicking the Drop button will disconnect the line between the agents and the contact

  • Cold Transfer

    Here's how cold transfer works in Aloware:

    • When an agent answers a call, the "Transfer" function button becomes available.

    • Click on the "Transfer" button, and select where you want to transfer the call

      • to a User - this will transfer the call to a specific user

      • to a Ring Group - this will transfer the call to your selected ring group; Ring group settings will apply

      • Phone Number - manually type the phone number of the user you will transfer the call to

    • Once you have selected where you want to transfer the call, click the Transfer button. The call stays active even if the first agent disconnects from the call.

Enabling Caller ID Masking

Aloware's caller ID masking enables you to use the lead number as the caller ID for all transfers. Callers can only see the default phone number, which you can set as the caller mask and not the actual phone number.

To enable call ID masking,

  • Navigate to Accounts menu > Calling Settings tab

  • Enable the Call Masking

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