Geo-Routing of Inbound Calls to Users in Aloware Admin

Geo-routing can route calls to a specific user based on particular areas. This article is about the Geo-Routing of Calls to Users.

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Geo-Routing of Calls Overview

If your business is operating in multiple locations or has a large global contact base, geographical routing or geo-routing can be the solution for you because

  • it lessens multiple call transfers that may affect the overall impression of your contacts

  • your agents can build relationships because of common local knowledge and language

What is Geo-routing?

Geo-routing is a type of phone routing that allows contacts to dial one phone number for multiple locations routed to an assigned user/s based on specific locations.

Enable Geo-routing in Aloware

This feature allows the assigned user to receive calls from contacts in selected locations only.

  • In your Aloware account, navigate to the Users menu

  • Go to the Inbound Call Settings tab

  • Navigate to the Operating States

  • Select the states where the user will receive the calls

Geo-routing in Ring Groups

If the assigned user in geo-routing is enrolled in a ring group, the calls will still get routed to other users (agents) depending on what the ring group settings are, and the assigned user can only accept calls coming from these locations.

For instance, the Ring Group is set to simultaneously ring users, and the contact's location is listed in the user's settings - the user's phone will ring; otherwise, it will not ring. The same works for direct calls and missed calls.

Read this guide to know more about Ring Groups.

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