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Initially, admins configure the user's settings, but users can also manage their own settings in Users Menu > Settings.

Screenshot of Users setting in User Access account

Assign Default Outbound Line

The user decides the default outbound line to use when making an outbound call.

  • Use Account Default - Use the account's default outbound line for this user's outbound calls.

  • Select Manually - Choose a single outgoing line for this user by selecting the line in the Outbound Calling field.

  • Always Ask - Always asks the user what line they want to use before making an outbound call.

Setting Call Recordings

This option allows users to select if calls will be recorded through

  • Use Account Default - default option for user access based on admin setup in account settings

  • Always Record - all outbound calls are recorded

  • Never Record

To review the call recordings, users can check on the call recordings in the Dashboard > Communication Logs section > Start Time > Play Recording.

Or, in the Contact activity in the Contacts menu > Select contact > click Contact activity.

Two-Legged Outbound Calls

Enabling this option, the user will assign a secondary number to reach out to contacts.

Voicemail Drop Library

User can customize their voicemails and save them in the voicemail drop library.

It is recommended to use in the Powerdialing session or call a lot of leads manually, and you can use voicemail drop to put a voicemail after the beep without being on the call.

📝 Note - Test your settings by clicking the Test Call tab, and Save your settings once you're done.

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