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Navigate to the Contacts page to see every prospect, lead, or customer you have interacted with. As a general overview, the Contacts are sorted last to first, meaning that the most recent engagement pushes the contact to the top of the list.

The Contact page has three main sections:

  • Basic contact controls

  • Managing customer data in Aloware

  • Reviewing engagement

Furthermore, you can see the contact’s most important information on this page, such as their company names, phone number, and tags. You can also look a the contact owner and the last message sent or received.

Contact Profile

Each Contact has a small CRM-style profile that shows their basic personal data, such as name, phone number, phone number type, and the time based on the contact's location.

Aloware also identifies phone numbers to let users know if it is a VOIP, landline or DNC, etc. Read about Phone Identifiers to know more.

  • Sequence

    • Users can enroll the contact to a sequence by clicking the "+Enroll To Sequence" button and selecting from the list of Active Sequences.

    • You can also disenrol the contact by clicking the Disenroll button.

  • Integration Cards

    • Contacts that are synced from CRM (HubSpot and Pipedrive) to Aloware should display basic information along with the deals and stages associated with the contact.

  • Integrations

    • When an Integration is enabled, Aloware will sync any edits to the Contact back to the CRM. Read about Syncing contacts in our Integrations collection articles.

  • Scheduled Messages

    • Users can schedule messages to ensure it is forwarded at the right time. You can read how to send Scheduled Messages in this article.

  • Phone Numbers

    • Each contact can have multiple phone numbers. Commonly, contacts can only have one phone number (as a primary number). Users can select a primary number, and edit or delete it.

      Read about Phone Identifiers in this article.

  • About this Contact

    • These are the fields in which users can add or edit details about the contact:

      • Owner - the user who initially added the contact; or the user who is assigned to associate with the contact records

      • Contact Disposition - status of the call outcomes. Read about Call Dispositions in this article.

      • Modify Tags - displays all the tags associated with the contact. Users can modify the tags by clicking the +Modify Tags

      • Email - displays the contact's email that will be used to send emails. Users can add or edit this field.

      • Address

      • Website

      • Company Name

        • Country

        • Zip Code

        • City

        • State

        • Time Zone

      • Date of Birth

      • Lead Source

      • Notes

      • Custom Field 1

      • Custom Field 2

      • Year

      • Make

      • Model

      • Price

      • Stock Number

      • VIN

      • Region

      • Initial Call History

        • Initial Line - displays the first line assigned to the contact or used to reach the contact.

        • TCPA Approved

        • Created At

        • Time of First Outbound Call - displays the date and duration of the first outbound call to the contact.

        • Intake Source

  • Communications Summary

    • Communications made with the contact are also displayed in summary.

      • Inbound Calls

      • Outbound Calls

      • Inbound Texts

      • Outbound Texts

      • All Communications

  • Contact Lines

    • Displays the list of lines associated with the contact

  • Contact Ring Groups

    • Dispays all Ring Groups that the contact is enrolled

  • Broadcasts

    • Displays the scheduled broadcast for this contact

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