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Sending SMS to reach your contacts ensures that their customer experience is positive and active. It gives businesses the flexibility and convenience to reach leads and customers to:

  • provide relevant product information, updates, and promos

  • ensure more success that SMS is read, rather than emails

  • easy to deal with and accessible to everyone

How to Send SMS in Aloware

  • Navigate to the Contacts menu

  • Select from the list of contacts, or use search to look for the contact

  • Click the message icon under the "Ops" column, or

  • Click the contact name under the "name" column

  • Both ways will redirect to the contact activity page, where you can type your message in the create message field.

  • By default, the Line to use in sending SMS will depend on the Line settings set up by your admin. However, you can also choose the Line if there is more than one available.

    • Click the dropdown arrow and select the Line to send the message.

  • Once you have created your message and selected your Line, click the Send button.

SMS Dispositions

As a user, you should be able to understand the SMS dispositions or message-sending statuses in Aloware to know if your message has been sent or what causes its failure to send.

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