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Syncing Pipedrive Contacts with Aloware
Syncing Pipedrive Contacts with Aloware

In Aloware, you can access the contact details directly in Pipedrive after syncing. This article explains Pipedrive Contacts in Aloware.

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Access Pipedrive Contacts in Aloware

When you successfully sync Aloware and Pipedrive contacts, you can open the contact details in Pipedrive directly in Aloware.

  • In your Aloware account, navigate to the Contacts menu

  • Search for a Pipedrive contact, and click it

  • Click the Pipedrive logo under the Integration section

  • A new Pipedrive tab will open, displaying the contact records in Pipedrive

Learn how to use add Pipedrive contacts to Power Dialer and Sequence in this article.

Display Contact's Deals and Stages

  • Contacts that are synced from Pipedrive to Aloware will display basic information along with the deals and stages associated with the contact.

    • Click the Sync with Pipedrive button to update the contact's deal status

      • Make sure that the "Do not update contact information" button is disabled from the Integration menu.

        • Navigate to Integrations menu > Select Pipedrive card > Go to Filters > Disable the "Don't update contact information" option.

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