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Sending Bulk SMS to Your Pipedrive Contacts with Aloware
Sending Bulk SMS to Your Pipedrive Contacts with Aloware

Users can send bulk messages to their contacts using Pipedrive and Aloware. This article is about Sending Bulk SMS to Pipedrive Contacts.

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Sending Bulk SMS to Pipedrive Contacts Overview

A good number of leads prefer to communicate with the use of text messaging in business, as it reflects a high open-rate than emails and ensures that your message has been read.

Successful Pipedrive integration with Aloware allows users to send bulk messages to their contacts through Broadcast. But you must need to learn how to Sync Pipedrive Contacts in this guide.


  • Make sure that your account has enough credits before sending out a bulk message campaign.

  • A successful Pipedrive and Aloware integration.

How to Send SMS Broadcast for Pipedrive Contacts

When you select the Pipedrive contacts using an in-app action (either sequence or power dialer) contacts will be tagged as Pipedrive Extensions: Basic Action [date, Time]:

Users can assign these import tags to send bulk SMS through Broadcast:

  • In your Aloware account, navigate to the Broadcast menu

  • Select a group of contacts based on: By Tag

  • Search for Pipedrive Extensions and select from the list of Import Tags

  • Select a time to send the message

    • Send Now

    • Pick a Time

    • Send Today - set the time to send the bulk message campaign within the day

    • Throttling - set an hourly throttling limit. It is recommended to have at least 200 contacts.

  • Add a plain SMS message or send a gif or MMS by enabling the button and uploading your media file.

  • Click the Send Bulk Message button once done.

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