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Initially, admins configure the user's settings, but users can also manage their own settings in Users Menu > Settings.

Screenshot of User setting in User Access account:

User Limitations

  • Users cannot access other user's settings

Inbound Call Settings

Setting up your Inbound Call settings will sync to your Admin's access.

  • Working Hours

    Both admin and users can configure users' working hours and can split time for lunch breaks to ensure that someone can attend to inbound calls.

    You can learn more about Setting up User's Working Hours in this guide.

  • Personal Voicemail

    Having a voicemail message in a professional tone leaves a good impression on contacts. It helps them communicate their concerns immediately, thus reducing their waiting time. Users can get back to them as soon as they become available.

    Users can manage their personal voicemail in the User Settings menu

    • Navigate to the User Menu > Settings > Inbound Call Settings tab

    • In the Personal Voicemail section, select Voicemail

    • Users can upload a voicemail or record a voicemail

    • Click Save

  • Operating States

    Inbound calls can be routed to users based on the states or areas where the call is coming from.

  • Operating Area Codes

    This feature gives the user the ability to set an area code limitation on inbound/ automation calls.

    Read more about Operating Area Codes in this article.

  • Follow-up

    If a user misses a call, a follow-up SMS can automatically send to the contact using the number set in the Backup Routing.

  • Caller Notification

    Users can enable an auto-text after a call which helps in improving customer engagement. You can configure exactly what you want the text to say in this area as well.

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