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Troubleshooting Tip: Contact Info Discrepancies in Pipedrive and Aloware? Here's What You Can Do
Troubleshooting Tip: Contact Info Discrepancies in Pipedrive and Aloware? Here's What You Can Do

Differences between Aloware and Pipedrive are possible. In this article, administrators learn how to fix Aloware-Pipedrive discrepancies.

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You might encounter discrepancies in contact information between Aloware and Pipedrive because of the following reasons:

  • Users might update contacts on either Pipedrive or Aloware

  • Failed integration connection

  • The "Do not update contact information" is enabled in the Pipedrive card under the integration menu.

Learn how to fix this issue in this article.

Prerequisites for Troubleshooting

  • Only Admins can fix the issue.

Fix Contact Information Discrepancies

Below are the different ways to fix contact information discrepancies:

  • Checking Integration Connection

    Only Aloware Admin can check the connection status of the Pipedrive integration with Aloware.

    To do this,

    • Go to the Integration menu > Pipedrive card

    • Check the Connection Status

      • Connected - the integration and its settings are working properly

      • Not Connected - the integration requires re-authentication

        • By default, Aloware sends a notification to the admin's email notifying that the integration is failed and needs immediate action. Read this guide to know more about how to fix the integration failed status.

    • Once the connection status displays "Connected," make sure to disable the "Don't update contact information" in the Filters.

    • Select to click the Push and Pull Contacts

      • Push Contacts - to sync contacts made from Aloware to Pipedrive

      • Pull Contacts - to sync contacts made from Pipedrive to Aloware


  • Your contact records should be updated by now.

  • Using the Sync with Pipedrive button from Contact Profile

    If the user modified a contact record in either Aloware or Pipedrive, and somehow you noticed that the record had not been updated in either platform, perform the following steps to fix it:

    • In your Aloware account, go to Contacts

    • Search for the contact you found or confirmed that records are not updated

    • Under the integration cards, click the "Sync with Pipedrive" button

      • Make sure that the "Do not update contact information" in the integrations menu is disabled

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