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Zoho integration with Aloware allows users to use telephony service features of Alo to boost the team's performance and improve customer experience, because

  • Users can make and receive calls in Alo

  • Syncs contacts, and logs activities

  • Syncs users and lead stages

Read this guide to know how to integrate Zoho with Aloware.


Only Admins can integrate Zoho with Aloware

Connect Zoho with Aloware

  • In your Aloware account, navigate to the Integrations menu

  • Go to the Zoho card, and click the Settings button

  • In the Zoho Settings, enable the Integration Settings

  • Click the Authenticate button to validate your Zoho account

  • When you click the Authenticate button, it will redirect you to the Zoho page requesting authentication


By default, the integration connection status is in Unknown status. The admin needs to click check the connection to know the status.

  • Click the Check Connection button to know if your connection to Zoho is still working

    • Connected - successfully connected and working

    • Failed - you exceeded the number of requests to integrate and need to wait after 24 hours


You may need to re-authenticate if you are already logged in and the features are still not functioning,

Read about How to Sync Zoho Contacts with Aloware in this article.

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