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To develop better relationships with customers, businesses want to engage with them more often and in many ways as possible.

Customer engagement refers to the interactions that a customer has in the company. It is important because it is a driving force in customer behavior.

Contact Engagement Features

Aloware Talk provides a range of engagement tools to drive the increase in customer value and features that your agents use.

Screenshot of Aloware Talk Contact Engagement Features

  • Call

    By default, clicking the call icon will connect the line to the primary contact's number (if the contact has multiple numbers).

  • Add Appointment

    Clicking the appointment button will set up a scheduled date with your contact.

    An SMS notification can be set to remind the user of the scheduled appointment.

  • Enroll to Sequence

    The Aloware Sequence is creating a workflow that when a contact qualifies on the trigger, an event of action will run after.

  • Text

    Sending SMS is one of the top communication modes to engage with contacts because of its high open rates. In Aloware, you can send bulk messages and create SMS campaigns.

  • Email

    Users can also send emails to contacts with email information in their records.

  • Note

    Notes help users to eliminate a call with contacts to repeat themselves and tailor the call based on the needs of the contact.

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