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As a user, you may want to have an organized page to manage your lead information effectively without interrupting your main tasks of engaging with your contacts.

Aloware's Contact page provides the important fields and functionalities that will help you to understand your customer better: update contact status, call disposition, know where most of your contacts reside, etc.

Contacts Page

The contacts page contains lead records: names, phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, etc.

Contacts Page Tabs and Features

  • Pinned

    • By default, Alo Talk has a list of pinned filtered contacts indicating the total number of contacts in your organization.

      • All Contacts - displays the total number of contacts regardless of status

      • My Contacts - displays the number of contacts that you own or assigned to you

      • Unassigned Contacts - displays the total number of contacts that are not yet assigned to a user or agent

      • Unanswered Contacts - displays the total number of contacts that are not yet attended or under the Open state

      • New Leads - by default, re-added contacts in Aloware will not be considered new leads. Read How Admins setup New Leads under Account settings

  • Lists

    • Lists are created to organize the contacts with the same properties or common interests, either by admin or users.

      • Public Lists - these are lists made by the Admins and shared with users

      • My Lists - these are lists created by the users but cannot be shared with other users

  • My Contacts

    • Enabling My Contacts will display all contacts assigned to the user.

  • Filters

    • Users can filter contact properties that are relevant to them.

      • Primary Information - contact's basic data

      • Contact Location - contact's address information

      • Contact Relevance - filters contact's Aloware activities

      • Contact Communication - filters contact's engagement properties

      • Custom - filters contacts based on New, Unassigned, and Unanswered

  • Add Contacts

  • Edit Columns

    • Users can also manage the column headers in Aloware Talk.

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