Action Request Rate Limits for Outbound SMS in Aloware

There are limits to how fast you can send messages to wireless carrier networks. This article explains Action Request Rate Limits.

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Aloware Action Requests Rate Limits

Aloware can receive up to 5000 requests max per minute per account. When you make requests, and Aloware receives them, these requests are queued for delivery in the order Aloware receives them.

The speed of actual messages sent will likely be much lower and is greatly influenced by:

  1. Type of phone number (local or toll-free)

  2. A2P 10DLC or Toll-free verified registration + Brand (TCR) score + Campaign limitations

  3. Number of phone numbers in the line

You can calculate their Message per second ratio to determine how many phone numbers they need to send large volumes of texts.

📝 Note - If you reach your messaging request limit, Aloware will begin responding to your request with HTTP 429, or Error code 20429, "Too Many Requests."

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