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Generating new leads is of utmost importance in any business. If you have tons of leads, it shows that people foster interest in your products and services. If you're getting people to interact with your brand, you're generating leads.

The Aloware Contacts page provides live updates on New Leads and Unread Communications and is only enabled if:

  • The new leads filter is active, and it is not combined with other filters

  • Has unread messages filter is active, and it is not combined with other filters

  • Filters are in their default state

Screenshot of New Leads count in Aloware Contacts Page

About New Leads

  • A contact is considered as New Lead if:

    • it doesn't have any communications

    • if it is re-added through CRM, webhook, email, or web form

  • A contact is not considered as New Lead if:

    • it is re-added in Aloware

    • there's an attempt to send a message but failed

Configure New Lead Settings

Admins can set up the New Lead Settings under Accounts menu > Contact Settings and navigate to New Lead Settings.

  • Default - Leads that are re-added in Aloware will not be considered new leads

  • Treat existing contacts re-added to the platform as new leads - If any existing contact is re-added through CRM integration, webhook, email, or web form, they will be considered as new leads.

Unread Messages Filter

Unread communication is an active filter that displays all contacts with pending communications. Users can select either to Mark all communications or Mark All as Unread.

When you click "Has Unread Communications," it will display the contacts with awaited communications for Missed Calls, Unread Texts, and Voicemails.

  • Click the contact's name, and you will be redirected to the contact's activity page to see the unread communications.

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