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Frequently Asked Questions: HubSpot with Aloware
Frequently Asked Questions: HubSpot with Aloware

Using your HubSpot account with Aloware Dialer is easy. This article answers the Frequently Asked Questions about Hubspot with Aloware.

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Welcome to HubSpot with Aloware FAQs!

This FAQ page is dedicated to providing you with all the answers you need regarding the integration of Aloware with HubSpot, a leading CRM platform. Discover how seamlessly integrating Aloware with HubSpot can supercharge your sales and marketing efforts.

From syncing contact data to automating workflows, we'll address common questions and provide valuable insights on maximizing the benefits of this powerful integration. Whether you're a sales professional or a marketing enthusiast, this FAQ page will guide you through the process of leveraging the combined capabilities of Aloware and HubSpot.

Let's dive into the world of streamlined customer relationship management and uncover the potential of integrating HubSpot with Aloware.

How do you integrate HubSpot with Aloware?

Only Admins can integrate HubSpot with Aloware by navigating to Integration > HubSpot Settings > Follow the authentication process. Read this guide to learn how to Authenticate HubSpot with Aloware.

Can I send an SMS in HubSpot using Aloware?

Yes, Aloware SMS messenger allows you to open your contact on Aloware and have a chat from HubSpot. Learn more in this article, Aloware SMS Messenger in HubSpot.

How are transferred calls tracked in Aloware-HubSpot integration?

Transferred calls are logged twice (parent and child calls), which are assigned to the user who picked up the call.

Why is Aloware (in-app dialer) does not display in HubSpot?

It happens when your third-party cookie is disabled. Read this guide to fix this, Troubleshoot: Aloware doesn't display HubSpot Contact Page.

Will the integration between Aloware and HubSpot break if the email used during the integration is suspended or deleted in Aloware?

Yes, the user account should remain an active user of Aloware. Read here to know about the integration prerequisites.

Can I sync my HubSpot contacts to Aloware?

Yes, Aloware supports two-way sync of contacts to HubSpot. Once successfully integrated, just click the Push and Pull Contacts button, and your contact will synchronize on both platforms. Read this article to know how to Sync Contacts with Aloware and HubSpot Integration.

Can I make calls in HubSpot using Aloware?

Yes - After connecting your HubSpot account to Aloware, you're able to use Aloware Dialer in HubSpot as a Call Provider. Learn how to use Aloware In-app Dialer with HubSpot Integration

What happens to contacts that are pulled to Aloware with the same numbers in HubSpot?

Depending on scenarios, Aloware manages this in this manner:

  • Scenario 1: When two (2) contacts are pulled from HubSpot with Contact A and Contact B having the same secondary phone number

    • Aloware ignores Contact B’s matching secondary number

  • Scenario 2: When two (2) contacts are pulled from HubSpot, Contact A’s secondary phone number is the same as Contact B’s primary phone number

    • Aloware ignores Contact B’s primary phone number, and its second number will be used as the primary instead.

  • Scenario 3: When two (2) contacts are pulled from HubSpot with Contact A’s primary phone number is the same as Contact B’s secondary phone number

    • Aloware ignores Contact B’s secondary phone number.

Why does the name Aloware (phone number) appear in my HubSpot contacts?

It is happening because the contact in HubSpot was created without a name. When you enable the setting in Aloware to allow updating HubSpot contacts, Aloware sets its name to Aloware Contact (phone number).

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