Frequently Asked Questions: Contacts

Aloware's Contact Manager provides several functionalities. This article contains Frequently Asked Questions about Contacts.

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Welcome to the Contacts FAQs!

Discover the power of efficient contact management with Aloware. In this section, we'll provide you with comprehensive guidance on organizing and optimizing your contacts. Whether you're importing and exporting data, segmenting your audience, or leveraging valuable contact insights, we have the answers you need to make the most of Aloware's robust contact management capabilities.

Learn how to streamline your contact list, enhance communication with targeted segments, and unlock the true potential of your customer relationships. Let's dive in and maximize the impact of your contact management in Aloware!

What are Contacts in Aloware Talk?

Contacts in Aloware Talk serve as a central hub for organizing customer information and recording all communication activities in one convenient location.

Is importing the same contact list duplicate contacts?

No, when importing a contact list into Aloware, duplicate contacts are automatically skipped. The system has built-in detection mechanisms to identify and eliminate duplicate records. This ensures that you don't end up with duplicate contacts in your Aloware database, saving you time and preventing any confusion or redundancy in your contact management.

What file formats are supported to import contacts?

When it comes to importing contacts into Aloware, the supported file format is CSV (Comma-Separated Values). By utilizing CSV files, you can easily import your contacts into Aloware and start managing them within the platform.

Can there be multiple contact owners in a contact?

In Aloware, each contact can have only one contact owner. When a contact is initially added to Aloware, whether through importing, integration, or manual entry, the system assigns the contact owner as the person who first added the contact. The contact owner is responsible for managing and taking ownership of that specific contact.

However, it's important to note that an admin in Aloware has the ability to change the contact owner in the contact's profile. This allows for flexibility in reassigning ownership if necessary.

Can I mass disenroll a group of contacts in a tag?

Yes, you can mass disenroll a group of contacts by deleting the tag associated with them.

In Aloware, tags are used to categorize and organize contacts based on specific criteria. If you want to remove a group of contacts from a particular tag, all you need to do is delete that tag. Deleting the tag will automatically remove the tag assignment from all the contacts associated with it, effectively disenrolling them from that group.

How do I change the phone number for a contact?

  1. Go to the "Contacts" section in your Aloware Talk account.

  2. Locate and select the contact whose phone number you want to change.

  3. Open the contact's profile or details page.

  4. Look for the field or section that displays the contact's current phone number.

  5. Edit the phone number field and enter the new phone number you want to assign to the contact, then click Save to update the contact's phone number.

How can I have multiple phone numbers for one contact?

In Aloware, managing multiple phone numbers for a contact is simple. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Access your Aloware account and navigate to the "Contacts" section.

  2. Find and select the contact you want to add multiple phone numbers to.

  3. Open the contact's profile or details page.

  4. Look for the "All Numbers" field and click on the "+Add Phone Number" option.

  5. Enter the additional phone number and specify its type (e.g., mobile, work, home).

  6. Save the changes to add the new phone number to the contact.

  7. The newly added phone number will now be displayed on the contact's profile.

How can I add a contact in Aloware Talk?

Follow these steps to add a contact:

  • Go to the "Contacts" tab.

  • Click the "Add Contact" button.

  • Provide the necessary details.

  • Click "Save."

Is there a limit to the number of contacts that can be added/imported into Aloware?

You can add or import contacts into Aloware without any limitations on the number. Feel free to add as many contacts as you need to effectively manage your communication efforts. Aloware does not currently impose any restrictions on the total number of contacts you can have in the system.

How do I import contacts with Aloware Talk?

To import contacts into Aloware Talk, you'll need to be an Aloware Admin. Here's how:

  • Navigate to the "Lists" menu.

  • Click the "Create Lists" button.

  • Choose either "Import from HubSpot" or "Import CSV."

  • If you select "Import CSV," an Import Wizard modal will guide you through the process.

  • Before importing, make sure to check the "DNC (Do Not Call) Agreement" box.

  • Click "Next Step." You can also "Download Contacts Templates" if your contact list needs cleaning.

  • Update the downloaded template as needed.

  • Click the "Upload from Computer" button to display your imported contact list.

  • Aloware will show the first ten rows from your file. Assign each column to its corresponding property.

  • Click "Next Step" after reviewing your contact list.

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