Frequently Asked Questions



  • What is Aloware Talk?

    Aloware Talk is the newest experience for agents, with an improved interface and powerful features.

  • What is the difference between Aloware Classic and Aloware Talk?

    Aloware Classic is primarily used by Admins for managing Users, Contacts, monitoring reports, and managing integration.

    Aloware Talk is developed for Users (Agents) that focuses on the features intended for customers' engagements.

    Learn more about Classic and Talk.

  • How can I access Aloware Talk?

    You can easily switch between Aloware Classic and Aloware Talk by clicking the Aloware Talk button on the right screen.

    Read this guide, Switching between Aloware Classic and Aloware Talk.

  • Why is Aloware Talk a Task-based?

    Aloware provides statuses in the inbox communication to let users see which contacts are Open, Pending, and Closed.

    Learn about Communication Task Management in this article.

  • How can I make a call in Alo Talk?

    You can make a call in Aloware Talk from the Communications or Contacts menu by clicking the call icon.

    Read this guide on how to make an outbound call to know more.

  • What is the difference between the Inbox and All Communications?

    The difference between Inbox and All Communications is that the Task Statuses are not present in “All Communications.”

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