Creating Contact Lists for Admins

Admins or individual managers can create many contact lists through the lists menu. This article discusses creating admin lists.

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What is Public List?

As an admin, you may want to define a group of contacts with the same criteria or share common properties and distribute it with all the users or agents in your team, which you can do so by creating a Public List.

Creating a Public list is ideal for groups that are admin-led or individually-managed teams. The lists menu gives you the tools to create multiple lists of contacts and organize them for your agents.

Who creates the Public List?

Your Aloware admin can only create the Public Lists from Aloware Classic through,

  • Import from HubSpot, or

  • Import a CSV file

How to Create a Public List

  • In your Aloware account, navigate to the Lists menu.

  • Click the Create List button, and select Import from HubSpot or Import CSV.

    • Import from HubSpot - If you have integrated HubSpot with Aloware, your contacts are automatically grouped, which you can find in the Tags menu.

      • Select from the available HubSpot list

      • Click the Import button.

      • You will see a successful import in the dashboard.

    • Import CSV - If you want to import multiple contacts placed in a CSV file, you have the option to import or upload it in Aloware.

      • Follow the Import Wizard instructions to upload multiple contacts

      • You will see the successful import displayed in the list dashboard.

How to Make the Public List Available to Agents in Aloware Talk

The only way an admin can share lists with one or multiple agents is to:

  1. Create them in Admin Lists in Alo Classic, and

  2. Make them public

Your list should display in Aloware Talk (User access) by enabling the Show in Public Folder option in the dashboard.

Where can I find the List created in Aloware Talk?

You can see the Public list created in Aloware Talk:

  • In Aloware Classic, click the list you created, and you will be redirected to Alo Talk

  • Or, in your Aloware Talk account, click the Contacts menu

  • Navigate to Public Lists

  • The List you created should be seen in this section.

Users can now add contact lists to Aloware Talk's Power Dialer. Here's the guide for your reference.

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