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Making an Outbound Call in Aloware

Aloware features a phone system that empowers smarter and faster interactions with your contacts, whether it's an instant call or auto-dial the volume of leads. Its communication tool lets you

  • free up time and avoid direct dialing all prospects

  • cut through the high cost of traditional calling

  • increase responsiveness and revenue, and grow your agents' productivity

How to Make a Call in Aloware

Aloware's phone system is suitable for your contact center needs by connecting your calls in different ways:

  • Manual dialing

  • Access from the Contacts menu

  • Call from the Dashboard

  • Auto-dial in Power Dialer

Making a Call through Manual Dialing

  • Click the Open Phone tab. A dial pad will pop up on your screen.

  • Enter the phone number on the dial pad and click the call icon.

    • You can enter the numbers using your keypad or by clicking the numbers on the dial pad.

Making a Call from the Contacts Menu

  • Navigate to the Contacts menu

  • You may access the call function to a single contact from

    • the Contacts menu page, select your contact from the list and click the call icon under the Ops column, or

    • Search the contact from the search field, or

    • Click the contact and select the phone icon in the call information box.

Making a Call from the Dashboard

  • In the Dashboard, click the + button and click the Call function to display the dial pad.

  • You may enter the number and connect the call, or

  • Search for the contact by clicking the search function on the dial pad

  • Enter and select the contact's name

  • Click the call function to connect

Making a Call in a Power Dialer

  • Connect automatically to your contacts and make outbound calls in bulk using Aloware Power Dialer. Read about Power Dialer to know more.

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