Aloware Admin and User Roles

Maximize productivity with Aloware's secure workflow management and user access roles.

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Aloware Roles

The fundamental difference between Aloware admins and users is how much permission both roles have.

Difference between an Admin and a User

  • Admin

    The Admin role has access and control of the Aloware Admin account. It permits functions to carry out user tasks by enabling or disabling their settings.

    Screenshot of Aloware Admin

  • User

    A User is a role given to agents and has given limited access within Aloware. This role can access Aloware Talk (beta) to focus mainly on engaging with contacts.

    Screenshot of Aloware Talk for Users or Agents

Comparing Aloware Roles: A Simple Guide

This table provides a clear and concise comparison of the roles in Aloware: Admin, Billing, User, and Reporter. It helps in understanding the varying levels of access each role has, focusing on aspects such as user management, report access, setting modifications, data management, and financial information.

The goal is to offer a better grasp of Aloware's role-based structure, which is essential for efficient team collaboration and system management.


User Management

Access to Reports

Settings Modification

Data Management

Billing Access


Admins can add, remove, and modify users in the system.

Admins have complete access to all types of reports.

Admins can modify system-wide settings.

Admins can manage all data, including calls, contacts, and tasks.

Admins can access and modify financial information.


Those with billing roles cannot manage users.

Billing can only access financial and billing reports.

Billing cannot modify settings except for billing information.

Billing can only view and manage financial data.

Billing has full access to and control over all financial information.


Users cannot manage other users.

Users have access to their own call and task reports.

Users can modify their personal settings only.

Users can only manage their own calls, tasks, and contacts.

Users do not have access to financial information.

Reporters do not have user management capabilities.

Reporters have full access to all reports but cannot modify settings.

Reporters cannot modify any settings.

Reporters can view all data but cannot modify it.

Reporters do not have access to financial information.

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