Notification Settings for Inbound Calls in Aloware Admin

Managing User notification settings; Set up User notification settings; Enabling or disabling notifications

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Notification Settings Overview

A notification provides users with small pieces of information about important events, time-sensitive, or actions that may require user attention.

In Aloware, you should know that an admin can set up the notification settings in the Users menu upon creating a new user account.

How to Manage your Notification Settings - User Access

  • Navigate to the Users menu.

  • Search your contact name and click the Settings button.

  • Go to the Notification Settings tab.

  • Manage your notification by clicking the toggling on and off.

  • Click Save.

    Read How to Setup Notification Settings to learn more on how to configure notification settings.

Communication Notifications

  • Notifies you when any of the enabled events occur

  • Notification displays pop-up on your Aloware app screen.

  • For text message notifications, you can click the Reply button in the notification box to respond instantly.

  • You can instantly play the voicemail by clicking the Listen button in the notification box.

  • You can click the Go To Contact button in the notification box n to view the new assigned contact.

  • Click Go to Contact button in the notification box to view the appointment.

  • Click Go to Contact in the notification box button to view reminder.

Account Level Notifications (Admins Only)

  • Notifies admins about account activity through emails

    • Billing Warnings - Only enabled for billing admins; includes billing warning reports

    • Integration Reports - include

      • Push/Pull Users Sync

      • Contacts Sync

      • Contact Dispositions Sync

      • Call Disposition Sync

      • Failed Integration Connection Status

    • Account Reports - include

      • Daily Activity Reports

      • Daily Inbound SMS Report

      • Daily Outbound SMS Report

      • Daily Spending Report

      📝Note: You can click the link to enable Account Reports at the account level

    • Other Notifications - include

      • Imports/Exports Reports

      • Webhook Failure Reports

Event Notifications

Notifies you when the following appointment or reminder event occurs

Line Notifications

Select a line for extra alerts.

Notification Channels

Get notification from other channels you want to get notified on.

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