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Imagine that you have a list of hundreds or thousands of contacts, and your agent will manually dial them. Considering that every contact has different dispositions, last engagements that need follow-up, campaign plans, etc. Dealing with this every day will affect your overall agent's performance.

Aloware designed Power Dialer as a tool to help agents call a list of contacts without looking for the phone number or entering them manually. It optimizes the calling process because the Power dialer provides the necessary tools to manage the call effectively, including skipping contacts that are beyond business hours and displaying every contact's activities and information.

During the Power Dialing Session

Once the power dialing session starts, the contact profile will display all the details that an agent needs to effectively handle the call:

Screenshot of Power Dialing Session

Session Panel

  • Stats

    • Duration - displays the total time duration of the power dialing session

    • Contacts - displays the number of contacts called vs the total number of contacts on the list

    • New

  • In Progress - displays the contact that is currently on-call

  • In Queue - displays the contact next to call

  • Called - displays the contacts who are successfully called

  • Failed - displays the contacts who have not completed the call.

  • Scheduled - displays the contacts who are scheduled

  • All - shows all contacts that are enrolled in Power Dialer

  • Disposition

    • Call Disposition - user states the output of the call

    • Contact Disposition - user assigns the output of the contact status

    • Voicemail

  • Power Dialing Task Status

    • Call Task Status - displays the current and call duration

    • Call Function - user can manually select the functions to hold or end the current call and move to the next

      • Hold - to keep the call on hold

      • Next - hangs up the current call and begin calling the next task

    • Contact Information - shows the contact's basic information; name, location, task list

    • Recording Status - depends on user settings, calls can be automatically recorded

    • Pause Session - this temporarily stops the power dialing session to automatically proceed to the next call

    • End Session - ends the power dialing session or the task list

  • Details

    • In the Details tab, the contact's information is displayed, including the following:

      • Scripts - agents can select from templates of scripts available

      • CRM view details - displays contact details from HubSpot

      • All Numbers - displays all contact numbers

      • Tags - displays the contact tags

      • Notes - shows the note logs

  • Activity

    • Displays the contact's communication activity as seen from the Contacts menu

  • CRM View

    • Displays HubSpot iFrame within the Power Dialing Session

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