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When setting up your Power Dialer session, you might need some contact data displayed on your power dialer page.

Aloware Talk Power Dialer supports this feature that allows you to add columns of your preferred information by managing the Queuing Columns.

What are the Power Dialer Queuing Columns?

Power Dialer Queuing Columns are the header fields displayed in your Power Dialer dashboard that provides contact information.

Screenshot of Power Dialer page

How to Set up the Data Columns in Power Dialer

  • Click the three-dot menu and select Edit columns

  • The Manage my Queue Columns pop-up will display where you can define fields to display in the power dialer dashboard.

  • All selected fields will display in the Selected Columns Panel

  • Select from the different field columns the data you need to see during the Power Dialing session.

    • Default Information - the user may select from the basic contact information available

      • Date Added - displays the date when the contact was added to Aloware

      • Date of Birth

      • Email Address

      • First Name

      • Last Name

      • Phone Number - by default, Alo Talk displays the contact's phone number

      • All Phone Numbers

      • TCPA Approved

    • Contact Location - this section displays the contact's location data

      • Address

      • City

      • Country

      • State

      • Zip Code

      • Timezone

    • Contact Relevance - provides other relevant contact information

      • Broadcast - displays contacts that are enrolled in Broadcast

      • Lines - displays the Lines where the contact is connected

      • Company Name

      • Contact Lists

      • Contact Owner

      • Initial Line

      • Intake Source

      • Lead Source

      • Ring Groups

      • Tags

      • Task Status - displays the current power dialing session status

        • Queued

        • Called

        • Failed

        • Scheduled

        • All

      • Website

    • Contact Communication Metadata - displays contact communication data

      • Number of Communications

      • Contact Disposition

      • Inbound Calls

      • Inbound Texts

      • Last Engagement

      • Last Inbound Engagement

      • Last Outbound Engagement

      • Outbound Calls

      • Outbound Texts

      • Unread Missed Calls

      • Unread Messages

      • Unread Voicemails


  • Once you apply the queue column fields, this should be displayed in the dashboard. Users can still change their places.

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