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Create a Broadcast and tag the contacts to promote a new product or sale. This article is about Sending Bulk SMS Messages by Tags.

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Sending Bulk SMS by Tags Overview

If you are planning to send bulk messages to promote a new sale or introduce products to your most recently added or imported contacts, you can do so by creating a Broadcast and selecting a tag to group the contacts.

How to Create a Broadcast by Tags

The broadcast menu allows users to send bulk messages at once. You can limit the number of contacts to send the message every hour until Aloware sends the message to all the contacts.

  • To create a bulk message, go to the Broadcast menu

  • Name your Broadcast, and select a Line to send the messages from

  • Select By Tag to populate the list of contacts.

  • Once you select a tag, the number of contacts is displayed below.

  • Admin can restrict the broadcast and manage it in Accounts > General Settings > Broadcast Settings.

  • Add a message, and you can add MMS files.

  • Once set, click the Send Bulk Message button to start the campaign.

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