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The report brings information and statistical data about the performance of contact centers especially the communication trends that is vital for the growth of customer success and retention. Aloware lets you generate and export communications reports of your contact center to

  • help you assess your agents' productivity

  • review the effectiveness of customer engagement and business plan and apply strategies for improvement

  • give you an insight into knowing where your sales conversion stands

How to Export Communications Report in Aloware

Set the date and filter data

  • Navigate to the Dashboard menu

  • Set the date you want to display the data related to the date range

    • By default, Aloware sets the date for a week

  • Click the drop-down arrow to select the date range of the report you want to generate and export. Read more on how to Change the Date Range here

  • Click Filter to manage what you want to include in your report

  • If you do not want to use a filter on your dashboard, you can click Reset

  • You can also click Saved Filters to select filters you have used and saved for later. Read more about Communications Report Filter in this article

Export as CSV

Export your reports as CSV Current View or CSV All Columns.

  • Navigate to Dashboard > go to the upper left corner and click Export

  • Select one between CSV Current View or CSV All Columns

  • A notification message informing you to view your report on the export page will pop up

  • Click "Click here"

  • You will be redirected to the Account menu > Export page to download your file

    Sample screenshot of report exported as CSV

Export as PDF

You can also export the report in pdf. To do this,

  • Navigate to Dashboard > click the Export Summary dropdown

  • Select To PDF

  • Your report will automatically download

    Screenshot of an export summary report in pdf file

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