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If you are a business that will undergo the Toll-free number verification process, it is important to know the use cases that are eligible and restricted use cases that will affect your application.

What are the acceptable use-cases for Toll-free numbers?

It is highly recommended to use Toll-free numbers for transactional use-cases, like

  • One-Time Password (OTP) or verification codes

  • Account-related alerts, reminders, and notifications

  • Customer care messaging that includes some automated messaging (i.e. surveys)

  • Marketing (with restrictions)

What are the restricted use-cases for Toll-free numbers?

Not all businesses are getting the verification successfully. If your business campaign falls into any of these inappropriate categories, you might need to review this list:



High-Risk Financial Services

Payday loans

Short term high-interest loans

Third-party auto loans

Third-party mortgage loans

Student loans


Third-party lead generation services

Companies that buy, sell or share consumer information

Debt collection or forgiveness

Third-party debt collection

Debt consolidation

Debt reduction

Credit repair programs

“Get rich quick” schemes

Work-from-home programs

Risk investment opportunities

Pyramid schemes

Illegal substances

Cannabis (United States)

CBD (United States)

Prescription drugs


Casino apps

Gambling websites

"S.H.A.F.T." use cases






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