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Aloware and Zapier: Trigger and Action Integration
Aloware and Zapier: Trigger and Action Integration

By using Zapier, you can integrate Aloware with other apps. This article explains Zapier's Triggers and Actions.

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Zapier works as a bridge for users who uses apps that have no direct integration from Aloware but is available to integrate with Zapier.

Integration with Zapier and Aloware is a great way to create and update contacts. It happens as an external system that triggers an action to take place.

Zapier Triggers and Actions

Zap automates tasks between Aloware and your chosen business app. It consists of

  • Trigger - this is an event to start a Zap and determines when a contact qualifies to enter a given workflow

  • Action - these are functions that will execute on the qualified contact

Read this guide to learn more about how to integrate apps through Zapier with Aloware.

List of Aloware Triggers in Zapier

  • Contact Triggers

    • Contact Created - triggers when a new contact is created in Aloware

    • Contact Updated - triggers when a contact is updated in Aloware

    • Contact Disposed - triggers when contact is disposed of in Aloware (e.g., an SMS is sent)

  • Call Triggers

    • Call Disposed - triggers when a call disposition status is changed in Aloware.

  • Voicemail Trigger

    • Voicemail Saved - triggers when a voicemail is saved in Aloware

  • Recording Trigger

    • Recording Saved - triggers when a recording is saved in Aloware

List of Aloware Actions in Zapier

  • Contact Action

    • Update/ Create Contact (Old) - creates or updates a contact of an Aloware account.

  • SMS Action

    • Send SMS (Old) - sends an SMS using an Aloware account.

  • Sequence Action

    • Enroll Contact to Sequence - enrolls a contact to a sequence in an Aloware account

  • RVM Action

    • Send RVM - sends an RVM with an Aloware account.

  • Lookup Action

    • Number Lookup - search for the number's information with an Aloware account

  • Call Action

    • Establish Two-Legged Call - establish a two-legged call with an Aloware account

Aloware and Zapier Integration-Supported Fields

Below is a description of the fields supported by Aloware-Zapier integration:

  • [campaign_id] - Aloware campaign id (from the campaign’s page) that this lead needs to be attached to. This field is required.

  • [phone_number] - The lead’s phone number, in any format +1 818-740-5020, +1 818-740-5020, +1 818-740-5020, etc.). This field is required.

  • [company name] - Contact's company affiliated to, optional.

  • [name] [first_name] [last_name] - Contact identifiers, optional.

  • [lead source] - A custom source field to segment the contacts later, optional.

  • [source] - A custom source field to segment the contacts later. optional.

  • [email] - Contact identifier for CRM integrations, optional.

  • [date_of_birth] - Contact’s birthday, in US format (12/05/1975 or 12-05-1975) for birthday campaigns, optional.

  • [timezone] - Contact’s timezone for scheduling purposes, optional.

  • [city], [state], [zip code], [country] - Contact’s geographical location for segmentation, optional. If blank, these values will be determined from the phone number.

  • [address] - Contact's location, optional.

  • [website] - A custom field for the contact's business website, optional.

  • [notes] - Customer details on the Notes section of Aloware contacts. Use this field to capture your contact’s consent to electronic communications.

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