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Shortened URLs save space in SMS and email messages and look more professional. This article explains Shortened URLs.

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Shortened URLs are widely used because it looks more professional and saves a lot of character space in SMS or email messaging.

Use Aloware's URL Shortener to

  • shorten long URLs in texts to avoid too-long messages

  • monitor the number of clicks

  • gives a more visually appealing message

Enabling Shortened URLs

By default, the URL shortener is enabled for all users.

  • In your Aloware (Admin) account, navigate to the Accounts menu

  • Click the Shortened URLs tab

  • Toggle on or off the Enable URL Shortener

Creating Shortened URLs

Make sure that shortened URL is enabled in Accounts > Shortened URL. You may ask your Admin about this.

Shortened URLs in Broadcast

Use shortened URLs in creating bulk messaging or Broadcasts. To do this,

  • Go to the Broadcast menu

  • In the message box, add your message campaign.

    • Aloware detects if you added a URL in the message box

  • A prompt will display if you want to shorten the URL you added.

  • The long URL will be shortened and will be added to the list in the Accounts > Shortened URL where you can also track the number of clicks.

Shortened URLs in Sending SMS

Use shortened URLs in sending SMS to a contact. To do this,

  • Go to the Contacts menu

  • In the message box, add your message with the URL

  • Click Send

    • A prompt will display to confirm if you want to use the shortened URL

    • Click Yes, and the shortened URL will replace the original URL.

Tracking Shortened URLs

Admins can track the number of clicks on the URL listings in Accounts > Shortened URL by scrolling down the screen.

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