Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the call dispositions in Aloware?

    Call Disposition is labeling the outcome of a call that helps the admin to analyze sales and support calling operations: Busy, Connected, Left a live message, Left voicemail, No answer, Wrong number.

  • Can I turn off the call recording?

    Yes. Your admin can select "Never Record" for Inbound or Outbound Calls under Account > Call Settings > Inbound Call Recordings/ Outbound Call Recordings.

  • What is Fishing Mode, and when should I use it?

    Fishing Mode disables auto dispatching of calls. Callers are waiting in the queue where users/agents can pick up calls.

  • How to transfer calls in Aloware?

    You can transfer an active call in Aloware in two (2) ways:

    • Warm Transfer is introducing the caller to the next agent

    • Cold Transfer is transferring the caller

    Read this article to know more about Transferring an Active Call in Aloware.

  • How do I handle missed and abandoned calls?

    When a call is not answered, it will be marked as Missed or Abandoned.

    Admins can configure how to handle Missed and Abandoned calls in Lines > Routing IVRs:

  • Is there a way to set up that every missed call notification from all of the lines goes to one email address?

    Yes - you can do this by setting up one user that has the email address that will receive the notifications.

    From the Users menu > Navigate to Notification Settings > Communication Notifications > Enable the Call to personal line or to the ring groups this user belongs to

    Read this article to learn more about Notifications Settings.

  • What is the difference between call duration and call talk time?

    Call duration is the length of time the call was connected which started from ringing, while call talk time is the amount of time the user talks to the contact.

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