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Call monitoring is a standard part of many businesses with the overall goal of providing a great customer service experience.

However, call recordings alone as a call monitoring tool are not a comprehensive solution because...

  • listening to a large number of calls is tedious and time-consuming

  • inconsistent understanding of important topics and concerns

  • requires manual work for referencing specific recordings

  • no aggregate reporting or tracking

Aloware Smart Transcription allows you to convert your calls to text. The tool allows you to

  • transcribe call recordings accurately

  • organize the information of the call

  • automatically categorize the call

  • tag, detect, and highlight keywords within the call

  • provide an overall impression of the call

📝 Note - Smart Transcription only transcribes calls with call duration greater than 30 seconds.

How to Enable Smart Transcription

  • Navigate to the Users menu

  • Select a user to configure the settings

  • Go to the Personalization tab

  • Toggle on the Smart Transcription to enable

Review Transcribed Calls

When you end a call, Aloware automatically starts to convert your call recordings to text (>30 seconds).

To review the call transcription,

  • Go to the Contacts menu

  • Select the contact you want to check the conversation

  • In the Communication Activity, select the communication you want to see the smart transcription and click the arrow to display more details

  • The preview of the call is displayed under the Smart Transcription

  • Click Show More to display Smart Transcription analysis page

Smart Transcription Analysis Page

Smart Transcription helps in analyzing the call by identifying keywords, overall call impression, and categorizing what the call is about.

Screenshot of Smart Transcription Page

  • Sentiment - displays the tone of the conversation for the speaker

    • Positive

    • Negative

    • Neutral

  • Audio recording - you can play the recorded audio from the Smart Transcription page

  • Categories - identifies what the conversation is about overall

  • Highlights - Smart transcription reads highlights of the call. These are repeated nouns or ideas that are emphasized and tagged as relevant during the call.

  • Keywords - identifies keywords by each speaker under specific categories

  • Overall Sentiment and Transcribed call - provides auto-tagged sentiment in color and full call transcription with speaker identification

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