Frequently Asked Questions



  • What is Smart Transcription?

    Smart Transcription converts call to text that organizes the information in the call.

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  • What are the benefits of Smart Transcription?

    Smart Transcription benefits include transcribing call recordings accurately, organizing the information of the call, automatically categorizing the call, and providing an overall impression of the call.

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  • Do you transcribe into other languages?

    No - we only transcribe to and from English.

  • How can I enable the Smart Transcription feature?

    You have to be an Admin to toggle on and off the Smart Transcription feature from the Users menu > Select User > Settings > Personalization Settings > Enable Smart Transcription.

  • Does Smart Transcription transcribe all my call recordings, even in the past?

    No - calls with users who have disabled Smart Transcription will not have their calls transcribed.

  • What is the minimum time Aloware starts transcribing the calls?

    By default, Aloware will transcribe calls that are greater than 15 seconds. But admins can customize to set the minimum time. Go to Account > Transcription Settings > Minimum Talk-time.

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