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Integration with Zapier and Aloware is a great way to connect apps that has no direct integration with Aloware.

If you are adding contacts to Aloware and want to maintain a good record in your google sheet, you can do so by using the Aloware-Zapier integration. This will help you to continue maintaining your contact records without re-typing or missing out on a single contact.

There are different triggers and actions of Aloware in Zapier, and you will learn how to use one of the triggers in this article: creating a contact in Google Sheets using the Aloware and Zapier integration.

Create a Contact in Google Sheets using Aloware-Zapier Integration

In this section, we want to create a worksheet file when a contact is created in Aloware.

Creating a Zap

  • Open your Zapier account.

  • In the Zapier dashboard, click the "+Create Zap" button.

  • Name your Zap that can be easily understood.

Adding Trigger

  • Search for Aloware Beta as an app event in Trigger

  • On the Trigger page, select Contact Created as the event that will run once a contact qualifies for the trigger.

  • Click Continue

  • If you have multiple app accounts, you are required to select one, then click Continue.

Adding Action

  • Create an Action by selecting Google Sheets (App) to Create Worksheet (Event)

    • This means that once a contact is created in Aloware (Trigger), Google Sheets will create a spreadsheet to record the contact's details.

  • Click Continue

  • Choose the account where you want the record to be saved.

  • Click Continue

  • Setup Action

    • Select the Drive where to save the records

    • Select the Spreadsheet to record the data

      πŸ“ Note - You have to create first the spreadsheet file to the point where to record the data. Add headers to map out the data fields.

    • The mapping of data fields takes place. Identify all data fields that you need from the spreadsheet.

    • Click Continue

  • Test the Action

    • Testing the action will let you know that your Zap is working.

  • Publish Zap

    • Once done, you can now publish your zap.

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