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Calls in Aloware Talk can be made once you open the contact from the Communications menu, Contacts menu, and Power Dialer.

How to Make an Outbound Call in Aloware Talk

  • From the Communications menu

    Users can make a call to contacts through the different channels in the communications menu.

  • In this example, we will navigate through the Inbox menu

    • Navigate to the Inbox menu and search for the contact

    • Click the selected contact to display the communication history

    • You can find the call function on the right panel of the screen

    • Click the call icon

    • Select the Line to use

    • Click the call button to start connecting the call

    • The dial pad will display when connecting the call

  • From the Contacts in Inbox Channels

    • Click the Contacts menu under the Channels section.

    • Select the contact to call, and click the call function on the right-side panel of the screen

    • Select the line to use to make an outbound call

    • The dial pad will display on the screen, connecting the call

      Note - To minimize the dial pad screen, click the X button.

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