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  • How to send a scheduled message in Aloware?

    You can schedule sending an SMS or MMS to your contact from the SMS messenger.

    Read here for full details, How to Send Scheduled Messages.

  • How do I send an SMS blast?

    Users can send SMS blasts from the Broadcast menu and set their messages.

    Read this guide to learn more about Creating a New Bulk Message.

  • Do you support very large lists, big blasts, or continuous SMS marketing?

    For volumes of more than 10,000 messages per day, we do help our clients with our proprietary Intelligent Messaging Service. Our messaging service automatically purchases and manages multiple numbers every week, checks and verifies phone number health, and throttles the volume to achieve the best delivery ratios. For details on our managed bulk messaging service, please contact us.

  • What data types does Aloware support?

    Aloware supports various data types, with a file size limit of 5MB for images and 600KB for other file types for carriers to accept.

    • Images

      • jpeg, jpg, png, gif

    • Audio

      • basic, L24, mp4, mpeg, ogg, vnd.rn-realaudio, vnd.wave, 3gpp, 3gpp2, ac3,webm, amr-nb, amr

    • Video

      • MPEG, mp4, QuickTime, WebM, 3gpp, 3gpp2, 3gpp-tt, H261, H263, H263-1998, H263-2000, H264

    • Image

      • BMP, tiff

    • Text

      • vcard, x-vcard, csv, rtf, richtext, calendar, directory

    • Application

      • pdf, vcard

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