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Brand Registration

The brand registration fee is applicable to any brands that are not yet registered.

  • Starter - Free

  • Standard - $44 (one-time fee)

Vetting Fees

When you successfully register your brand and campaign, a TCR score will determine your message throughput. However, if you are not satisfied with the score you have received, you can request vetting:

  • Secondary Vetting Fee - By default, Aloware includes a one-time secondary vetting fee of $40. This is an additional brand review to allow higher message throughput.

  • Enhanced Vetting Fee - A fee of $95 will be charged if you choose the Enhance vetting. A third party will evaluate your TCR appeal, but it does not guarantee that you will improve your messaging throughput or maximize your threshold.

Brand Registration Appeals

Please take note that filing an appeal does not guarantee a change in trust score.

  • TCR Appeal within 45 days - $0

  • TCR Appeal beyond 45 days - $40

Line Campaign Registration

As of March 1, 2022, all campaign registration (Standard, excluding Starters) will be charged a one-time $50 activation fee + monthly charge per successfully registered campaign or use case.

  • Recurring Monthly Fees

    • Standard Campaign - $10

    • Low-Volume Mixed Campaign - $2

    • Additional fee types dependent on campaign type




Brand Registration



Vetting Fees

Secondary Vetting Fee



Enhanced Vetting Fee




Within 45 days



More than 45 days


Line Campaign Registration

$50 activation fee + monthly recurring fees per use case

Standard Campaign


Low-Volume Mixed Campaign


Additional fees depending on the use case type

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