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The Call Parking feature is an important tool for handling the large volume of calls that your team receives. It adds value to the customer experience because it stops endless voicemails and ensures that an agent assists them.

Aloware's Call Parking allows your agents/ users to put an active call on hold and let other users pick up the call from the Wallboard.

Call Parking

Aloware’s dialer supports Call Parking. This feature allows other agents to pick up the call after the agent parks it.

To use Call Parking,

  • Use the Park Call button during an active call.

What happens if a user clicks the Park Call button?

  • Aloware puts the call on hold (contact hears music).

  • Aloware transfers call to the Wallboard’s Call Parking Queue, where agents can pick up the call (unpark it).

  • While the call is parked, the user can still dial another contact.

How to pick up a call after it’s been parked?

  • To unpark the call by the other agents,

    • Navigate to Wallboard > Parked Call Monitoring Queue and live parked calls

    • Click the Unpark Call icon to unpark the call.

  • To unpark the call by the original agent

    • Click the Unpark Call button on the dialer


Aloware’s Dialer also supports a normal Hold button in the bottom left of the Dialer which allows agents to put a contact on hold without changing the Dialer screen.

Hold button in Dialer:

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