Frequently Asked Questions: Broadcast

You can measure broadcast campaigns by dividing responses by contacts. This article contains Frequently Ask Questions about Broadcast.

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Welcome to the Aloware Broadcast FAQs!

Prepare to revolutionize your outreach strategies with Aloware's powerful Broadcast feature. This FAQ page is your go-to resource for all things related to Aloware's Broadcast functionality. Discover how to engage with a large audience effortlessly and efficiently, while sending personalized messages that make a lasting impact.

We'll guide you through the entire process of creating impactful broadcasts, from crafting compelling messages to tracking and analyzing campaign performance. Get ready to amplify your messaging reach and achieve remarkable results with Aloware's Broadcast feature.

Let's dive in and unlock the full potential of your outreach efforts!

What is Broadcast in Aloware?

The Broadcast feature allows users to send Bulk Messages and Bulk RVMs (Ringless Voicemail) to contacts for promotional and marketing purposes. Read more about Broadcast in this article, Broadcast in Aloware.

Can I run a Broadcast during the holidays?

Yes, Broadcast doesn't respect holidays. You can set the time when to send the campaign. Read this guide to know how to set the Broadcast schedule.

How would I know the Broadcast's engagement rate?

The engagement rate is the number of responses you get from a broadcast campaign divided by the number of contacts that you have on the broadcast campaign (multiplied by 100). Read this article to know more about Broadcast Engagement Rate.

How do I know if I have sent a campaign to contact?

You can check the contact if it is enrolled in a Broadcast by navigating to Contacts Menu > Select contact > Navigate to Scheduled Messages. See about Broadcast.

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