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A2P 10DLC registration is intended for business messaging to ensure deliverability and security to businesses and customers receiving the messages. This is a requirement for all businesses.

When you undergo this registration, there are also statuses that you need to know.

How would I know the Status of my Registration?

Each Line's Settings section will display the status of your A2P 10DLC registration as:

  • Unsubmitted

    • You need to fill out and submit this form

  • Approved

    • This business is already registered and enrolled in STIR/SHAKEN.

    • The next step in becoming compliant with the required Spam Prevention Compliance is to fill out the A2P 10DLC Registration forms for each line.

    • Go to Lines > Line Settings > A2P 10DLC & Caller ID (CNAM) tab and fill out the Spam Prevention - A2P 10DLC Registration form.

  • Failed Registration

    • Our Carrier will provide a rejection reason. Action needed.

  • Pending Review Registration

    • It takes up to 48 hours to process.

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