Changing Contact Status to TCPA Approved in Aloware

The TCPA allows consumers to sue companies that are not compliant. This article is about Changing Contact Status to TCPA Approved.

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About TCPA

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulates telemarketing communications such as pre-recorded and auto-dialed calls and SMS texts, among others. It allows consumers to file a lawsuit against non-compliant businesses.

This article explains how to change a non-TCPA-approved contact to a TCPA-approved contact, allowing the contact to start receiving messages from you.

How to Change the Contact's Status to TCPA Approved

By default, all newly added contacts are set to a non-TCPA-approved status. To change this, we should allow the contact to approve the TCPA:

To do this,

  • Navigate to the Lines menu, and select the Line settings

  • Go to Greet and Record tab.

  • Enable the TCPA: Ask for Text Authorization?


  • When a non-TCPA-approved contact is trying to connect to your number, a voicemail will instruct him to Press 1 for text message authorization

  • Aloware will only accept 1, and will update the contact's profile:

    • TCPA Approved: Yes

    • Message log that the caller pressed 1 to authorize text

  • The text message function will also become available.

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